Old White Men in Wigs Who Mean You Harm

It’s time to understand exactly what the “Tea Party Movement” is.  To borrow and twist a phrase of their own, let’s just call a cracker a cracker, shall we?

The Tea Party Movement is comprised of rapidly-aging white men, driven slowly mad by fear and rage, and their tagalong submissive wives and families.  These old white men see “their place” in America shrinking so quickly that they must do something.  They must literally create a version of themselves, and “their” America, transplanted back into a better, simpler time.

Hundreds of years back, it turns out.

Their reason for going this far back:  It’s the fact – actually, the Fear – of the Black President.  These Lost Men now find themselves adrift in a country led by a Harvard graduate, Nobel Prize winner and world leader who happens to be an African American male.  This is the one thing they never expected to see in their lifetimes, and the one thing they cannot abide.

Well, a Black female President would have been worse … but this is bad enough.

The everyday humiliation of being a minimally- or unemployed, aging white male in present-day America, led by President Barack Obama, is just too much for these men to take.  They need to erase absolutely everything that led to his ascendance.  The clue to what they want is visible in their choice of dress.

There’s a reason why they don white ponytailed wigs and tricornered hats and ridiculous breeches.  Why they go to places where other like-minded – read, insane – men gather.

These men long for the right to define this country on their own terms alone.  On their websites, at computers, at their conventions, these old coots are actively working for a return to the ancient old days:  when men like them, and only men like them (white, rural, rather well acquainted with the mating patterns of livestock) had the final word on how everything would go.

In those days, even every child in a wealthy household owned a slave.  Don’t think these men don’t know that, too.

Still believe that the Tea Party Movement holds a place for you?  If you are female, non-white, under 50, employed, or sane, it does not.  Scott Brown, it does not.  Republican Party, it does not.  This is a “Party” with no plan, no agenda, and no constructive goals.  Obstructionism is not a goal.  Slavery was abolished centuries ago, in a former version of these United States.  And racists have no place here.

Then again, if you’re old, white, male, and want to play dress-up …


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