High Noon for Health Reform

A conservative believes nothing should be done for the first time. – Lynwood L. Giacomini

In June of last year, a guy very senior to me at my then-employer said, “It [health reform] will never happen.  People don’t understand it.  They don’t want to understand it.  We take care of it, they want to let us keep on taking care of it, because they think it’s confusing.  And they’re right.”

Oh, yeah?

Follow today’s live, bipartisan* meetings on TV today.  Or go to The Sunlight Foundation’s live site (streaming video and Twitter feed, complete with posted updates on how much each person has received from the health-care lobby), for a closer look.

My favorite of those updates, so far:

After today’s meeting, we will all know more about what stands in the way of meaningful health care reform for all Americans.

Or should I say “who”?

* bipartisanSenator Olympia Snowe of Maine is one Republican who was not invited to join today’s discussion.  Though later offered an invitation by the President, Senator Snowe declined, deeming her acceptance of such an invitation “inappropriate”.


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