Stuart MacKenzie, Tea Party Wingnut

Good day, eh?

While some of us spent the weekend getting pedicures, watching hockey, and either losing our voices or a prominent bet or two, others … well.

They were reading this.  I do not recommend taking anything closer than a cursory look at any of the content.  It’s all snake-eating-its-own-tail-crazy stuff.

I have figured out what it is about all these people.  They are Charlie MacKenzie’s dad! You know:  The Scottish dad, in that only-occasionally-good movie, So I Married An Axe Murderer?  Yeah!  That guy!

I can prove it.  You know how Tea Partiers all believe the Federal Reserve is this shadowy thing, the President is about five minutes away from staging a fake emergency and declaring martial law, the Constitution is in grave danger, and this small cabal of people (ask a ‘bagger; I’m sure they know the names) control everything in the world?


“Dad.  How can you hate ‘The Colonel’?”



2 responses to “Stuart MacKenzie, Tea Party Wingnut

  1. “INCLUDING the newspapers …” 🙂

  2. tha . . . MEADOWS

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