Shorty Night

Twitterati, start your feeds!  Tonight is the biggest event in the world of SMS text messaging:  The Shorty Awards.

Winners will receive their Shorties (heh) live at the ceremony in New York City.

Follow the Twitter feed here, or watch the Webcast here.  The awards start at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, 4:30 Pacific.

Follow your favorites …

There’s no real red carpet.  This isn’t the Oscars.  But:

Timmy (thinkgeek‘s famous monkey), up for a Customer Service Shorty, is hitting the cream soda pretty hard.

Carel Pedre, in town from Haiti and nominated for an Innovation Shorty, is looking calm and ready.

betty_draper (also up for an Innovation Shorty), who never breaks character even on the big day, hasn’t even left her kitchen.

These are just a few of my favorites.  I also like adbroad, and believe she will take the Advertising Shorty this year.

Many seem to love MrsStephenFry (up for a Humor Shorty).  And tonight, everyone wants to meet Grover.

The fight of the night may be in Journalism:  my favorite is Rachel Maddow.  For me, the prize would be getting to talk to her.

Whom do you follow?  How will they do?  I am rooting for all of the above, especially Carel:  the man with his country’s heart in his hands.

Je t’aime, Carel Pedre.


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