Guys, Wouldn’t It Be Rad If We …?

… OK Go thought of that.

That, too.

Pretty much everything you can think of:  balls?  Bumbershoots?  Things you might want to do with string, Legos, TV?  The guys in this band, and their friends at Syyn Labs, did it.

“Let it go/ This too shall pass …”  Lovely lyric, too.

OK Go is all right with me.


2 responses to “Guys, Wouldn’t It Be Rad If We …?

  1. Amazing! Thanks for posting this, Anne. I heard an interview w/ them where they talked about making this, but by the time I got home I forgot to look them up. Apparently there crew were largely volunteer engineers who had heard about the project. They did something like 50 takes, if you don’t count the ones where the domino’s didn’t quite fall correctly and they had to set them up all over again.

    P.S. how do I post a link to this?

  2. This is a video for the kid in all of us! And now, of course … after watching, I wanna know how many hours of dreaming, practice, trial & error it took to make that video happen.

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