Ain’t Nobody’s Business if She Does

I believe in a lot of things, and someday I will invent an Awesomeness Scale on which I can place them all.  But among the things in which I do not believe:

Bullies (and their online equivalents, the Trolls).  Mobbing.  That anything that has the word “food” on its label is really food.  See:  “American Cheese Food“.)  And most of all, in denying anyone’s right to a private life.

That said, Jodie Foster — coming up on 48 this year — is pushing fifty harder than any white female cosmetic-surgery virgin ever has.  On the edge of 44 myself, I think there’s gotta be a reason for that.


Girl, please:

People just do not LOOK like you at our age.  And yeah, blah blah blah Yale, blah blah clean living, blah Oscars, “my kids keep me” blah.  I am not buying it.

Thing is, Jodie, I think that you know something the rest of Hollywood doesn’t.  I think that’s why you look real and good and so many of them look fake and bad.  I think there’s a word for what you know.

And I’m gonna say that word:


Jodie Foster patrols the territory between her private and public life fiercely and firmly.  We never need to guess what she stands for.  She’s stood for it since she wore a size 6x, and with the life she got, she’s often had to.  And lately, she’s spent some time mentoring at least one young person through similar storms.

Jodie Foster is a living example of dignity and integrity, in a time when we really have to reach to find either among those in public life.

Rock on, Jodie.  You can send me your dermatologist’s name any old time.


3 responses to “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if She Does

  1. Re the piece on Gabby:

    You’re right, it’s time.

    As for wishing you were a lesbian … But you are, husband. You ARE.


  2. Agree about the importance of authenticity, ESPECIALLY in Hollywood (not sure this word can breathe in the plastic air out there). The Snapshot about Jodie Foster & Kristin Stewart makes me think of another word that amplifies authenticity: relationships. Her relationshipos may be nother possible hallmark of Jodie Foster’s success story.

  3. god I wish I was a lesbian right now.

    How about a piece on Gabby? She’s turning the world upside down with her unabashed self-confidence.

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