Into the Picture

I found this photo in a New York Times story of the President’s visit to Iowa, yesterday.

He’s there to start “selling” a deeply divided public on the health care reform that is now the law of the land.  What’s great about this picture — well, one of the great things about it — is that it makes that job look like an easy one.

Everyone’s so happy.  Yellow T-Shirt, behind President Obama, looks like he’s about to burst into tears.

But here is what I want to say about this photo:

When I first saw it, I felt this giant wash of joy.  I couldn’t decide with whom I most wanted to changes places.

Did I want to be the Secret Service Agent?

That beaming little kid?

One of those phones, especially the purple camera phone?  (What a shot that thing’s gonna get.)

But I let a few minutes pass, and the answer became clear:  it’s the little kid. 

I want to be that kid.

Also, I have a very big crush on the 44th President of these United States.


4 responses to “Into the Picture

  1. I have it on excellent female authority that there is just something about a man with a child in his arms.

    ESPECIALLY this one.

    Seriously, doesn’t that little boy look delighted?

  2. Not to one-up “the husband”, but … you had me at “that kid”. 🙂 Seriously, that’s the one you want to be, in this picture. He is now part of history; he’ll be able to tell his kids: that’s me, in the arms of the President who changed the face of US politics. WOW. And you don’t want to be the Secret Service guy: he is not having fun, especially if he likes the guy he’s protecting. This is a President who wades out into crowds of people, unafraid … how do you manage that, if you’re Secret Service? He is sweating profusely under that nice jacket. What a beautiful picture – so many facial expressions, all caught in one moment of time.

  3. My writing teacher said to put my strongest sentences in the first line (the lede)and the last line. You could have stopped at ” . . .that kid.” because the last line is redundant. =)

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