Can’t You See It’s a Turtle?

Among the found treasures of the Internet:  this note, passed by hand to a stranger who posted it about two weeks ago.  It went to the top five posts of the day on, a site aggregator I check almost daily.  The person who posted this note said the source of the note — its writer, probably — was a homeless guy she or he met on the subway in New York.

I believe it.

he is in toronto, working for who we believe to be us“.  Only the mind that is sincerely half there could compose a line like that.  Everyone else, and I mean every single other one of us, is too present to write it — or trying to seem so.

I know that none of this is personal.  At the same time, looking at this note feels kind of like looking up symptoms you think you have, also on the Internet:  soon you find something that sounds like you in everything you see, and not in a good way.

But the note resonates with me.  If only because I think a long term village might be, in fact, necessary.


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