Top 10 Ways I’m Spending My Time

#11: Working on a little homemade shrine to this guy

10. Refreshing my browser. Again. Again. Again.

9. Figuring out which black top(s) to wear with which jeans today.

8. Trying the spent-fuel-rods-in-the-backyard experiment, which the Japanese guy on eBay made sound so promising, but so far has been less than successful, unlike …

7. My neighborhood-serial-killer experiment. Which, on the other hand, is a success beyond my wildest dreams.

6. Enjoying Twitter’s trending topics as I wait for the skulls to boil.

5. Switching my meds — into different bottles. Anyone tries to take my Vicodin now, he’s in for one hell of a surprise.

4. Baking quite a bit. No, the other kind. My kid said, “Great cookies!”, and I did thank her — three hours later.

3. Talking back to the books I read (to page 33 of Three Stages Of Amazement: “Oh STOP IT, you histrionic chick”).

2. Writing top-ten lists. Yes really, am too, yeah huh.

1. Hiding things I own from myself. I hope I never find that other red shoe.


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