10 Things About My Nephew On His Second Birthday

Two going on old-enough-to-hotwire-your-car.

  1. As a newborn, the boy used to fall asleep to Mack The Knife, but he secretly preferred Billie Jean.
  2. His first hobby was laughing.
  3. He knew Pumped Up Kicks was a hit before anyone else did.
  4. He eats guacamole by the fistful.
  5. A big, sloppy kiss from Jack is the cutest thing that can happen to you in life. He grabs you by the ears and just goes for it. Sometimes he’ll even slip you the tongue.
  6. He learned to say goodbye from this toy, so when he says Bah-bye!, it’s in falsetto.
  7. When he is not in time-out, Jack likes to put on his sister’s sparkly shoes and walk around.
  8. Jack does not respect the letter or the spirit of the Five-Second Rule.
  9. Jack likes to see how things work, so when you go to get him out of bed in the morning, he will be waiting for you with his sleeper unzipped and his diaper half off.
  10. He is the loveliest two-year-old in the world. Starting today.

One response to “10 Things About My Nephew On His Second Birthday

  1. The only think cuter than a three-year-old girl is a four-year-old girl – but this little rascal makes me rethink that. Five Second Rulebreaker – may he never grow out of that – unless his aunt is around!

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