All “Mad Men”, All the Time

To read more of my work, visit Basket of Kisses, the home of the Lipp Sisters and those who join them in well-informed dialogue on all things Mad Men. I post as Anne B on the Basket, and I’ve been contributing posts since 2009. In the past few years, I’ve covered movies, Breaking Bad, and Homeland, among others.

All new posters are welcome at the Basket. Join us! It’ll be a hoot and a half.

Some of Anne B’s work as a Basketcase:

Don Draper Talks About Love

Homeland Recap: The Smartest and The Dumbest

10 Reasons You Should Watch Homeland

Mister White and The Kid

The Devil We Knew

The Chase


On Not Having An Affair


Megan’s Role

I Hate It When We Fight

At the Grown-Ups’ Ball

Dinners With Friends


Fear Itself

The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance

Where Is Betty?

Ways a Family Behaves

Movie Review: The Artist

Television Review: America In Primetime, Episode 2

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

The Loneliest Mile

I Hate It Here

Now Sold Separately

In Praise of Pete

Our Best Work

“Smoke” and Mirrors

Be Successful.

How Old Is Your Daughter?

Faye’s Next Move

The Skydiver

The Cycle


The Diver and The Pearl

No Private Place

Not My Problem

Teach Your Children Well

Feet On the Table

A Crown of Red:  Reading Joan’s Hair

John Cheever and Ossining

Mad Love:  Tom & Lorenzo

Abandoning the Narrative

Girls At the Office

Why The Pitch Works

Joan Of Hearts

The Man We Think We Know

Once More, With Frosting

Who’s In There?

Long Weekend:  In Extremis

When the Masks Came Off

Friday Mad Beard News:  Slattery Edition

Your American Moment:  Lane Pryce

“He Is the Show”

Roommate Ads for Everyone!


It’s Not Just An Affair, Part 1

A Prison, Or the Zoo?

Sally Draper:  Rage and The World Gone Sideways

Of Souvenirs and Trophies

Watching Shadows On the Wall

A Midsummer Night On Long Island


2 responses to “All “Mad Men”, All the Time

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  2. Anne, I’ll have to post my BoK writing on my Trek blog too! Thanks for the inspiration, Therese B

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