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Dharun Ravi at trial. File photo, AP.

It’s time again to talk about bullies.

Yesterday, a jury in New Jersey found former Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi guilty of most of the 15 counts against him, including anti-gay intimidation, a hate crime. Ravi is the former roommate of the late Tyler Clementi, who jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge after learning that Ravi was using a webcam to view his encounters with other men. Clementi was gay.

Now Ravi is a convicted felon, facing at least a few years of jail time and possibly deportation to his native India after he serves that time. When a firm nationwide policy of zero tolerance arrives for the bullies — and it now seems it will — it will probably look like this. Continue reading


The Bullies Respond (and Continue)

Crowds don't show up with candles for Bullies.

This just in:  Soon-to-be-former Rutgers student (and Bully) Molly Wei feels bad.

Not for the young man, Tyler Clementi, she helped to kill.  For herself.

Molly feels “attacked”.  She has said as much to People Magazine, which, far as I can see, is where people who consider themselves famous go when they have (1) lost weight, or (2) a complaint to air.

She feels so bad for herself that she hired the partners of a local law firm to release a statement last week, telling the whole world how “wonderful” Molly Wei is.

PR 101:  when lawyers have to release a statement describing you as wonderful, it tends to have the opposite effect.  This is comparable to having legal counsel state, “we are happy and the rumors are untrue”, when no one has seen you and the person who supposedly makes you happy together in the same place for six months.

But all of this is beside the point.  The attacked (but wonderful) Molly Wei seems to have graduated from high school without learning what it is that you do when you create a situation like this.  Will she?  Not, evidently, with “friends” like this.

In the meantime, Molly’s Bully-buddy Dharun Ravi (who may now have to deal with additional charges, under NJ state law) released his own statement, again through a lawyer, on the same day.  At least his statement acknowledged the death of his roommate; appropriate, because he is responsible for it.

(View at least part of the evidence against Dharun here.)

Here is the deal, soon-to-be-expelled Bullies of Rutgers.  This is a bad moment to even seem to be an anti-gay bully.  In affiliating yourselves as such, you place yourselves in league with these lovely people — not tough or smart enough to be real gang members, but edgy enough to put together a name for what they thought they were:  The Latin King Goonies. Continue reading