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At Last, Season Five!

It’s finally here: season five of Mad Men starts on Sunday, March 25, with a two-hour season premiere. As we anticipate the return of our favorite series, Mad Men fans on Basket of Kisses are revisiting the moments that resonated with us most in she show’s first four seasons.

I joined other Basketwriters in writing a post on these moments for the video blog Press Play. Find the post here, and our Basketcase countdown of the top five Mad Men moments here.

And for goodness sake, don’t forget to watch on Sunday night, as our 17-month wait finally ends!


Four Years in Five Minutes

My niece turned four yesterday.  This is the slideshow I made of those four years.

It was not easy to compress all four years of this little girl’s light and laughter into five minutes … but interestingly enough, the slideshow lasts about as long as it feels it has taken her to get this big.

Love to all, and happy January.

Is it a Book, or a Story?

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been following the escalating war between Apple — which, with the iPad, really threw down — and the forces of You Can’t Do That:  Adobe, developers, the Maker Movement, Google, and almost everyone I know on Team Geek.

Every day brings news:  The iPad will kill the Kindle.  It will kill Adobe.  (No:  Adobe killed itself.)  Join the Team Adobe Facebook GroupSteve Jobs is brilliantSteve’s gone mad.

It’s the end of open-source web development, the beginning of advention, and the end of reading.  I’m watching all of this, thinking … Wow.  It’s clearly the beginning of something, isn’t it?

I think it is.

This blog post — not elegantly written, but compelling — asks the best question of all.  Why would the end of the old way of doing things be such a bad idea?  Why not shake things up?  Can we imagine stories as something other than books?

So I started thinking this way.  I have not been able to stop.

Imagine a version of The Catcher in the Rye that actually puts you inside the moral universe of Holden Caulfield.  Imagine going into the cave with Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, or a poet showing you what she means instead of merely telling you.  We will be able to do all of that now:  without content authors doing all the work.

The “readers” of this new form would have to bring even more critical thinking to each work they’d select. They’d spend more time with each character, they’d work out the plots themselves — or the narrative would simply not advance.  And they would most likely retain more of what they read.

Why?  Because we remember what we do better than we remember what we read.

Think that writers won’t do this, won’t adapt to the new technology?

They’re already on their way.

Somebody pass me that bottle:  the one that says “Drink Me”.

Let’s go.  I’ll do it.  And I have a bunch of test readers who I believe would love to help Evil Stepmom (or Auntie Annie) work out the bugs in her beta versions.

Guys, Wouldn’t It Be Rad If We …?

… OK Go thought of that.

That, too.

Pretty much everything you can think of:  balls?  Bumbershoots?  Things you might want to do with string, Legos, TV?  The guys in this band, and their friends at Syyn Labs, did it.

“Let it go/ This too shall pass …”  Lovely lyric, too.

OK Go is all right with me.