“L”, For the Way He Looks At Her

I do not envy any citizen of the U.K. this week.  The choice  they made isn’t one I would have wanted, and now — the votes cast, still no clear winner — I understand why problems persist.

I see those three nice men carrying flowers, but there doesn’t seem to be any wooing going on over there.  Do you know what I mean?

Perhaps not.  Over here, we have Barack Obama.  He gets a certain amount of attention on his own, so while you find frequent scenes like this …

There’s another side of things.  I am speaking, of course, of the attention he offers someone else.

Every day I know, on a cellular level, that I am not Michelle Obama.  Not that skin, not those arms, not that law degree, not those kids, not that Look Book in New York Magazine.  I am never, never, never going to be that woman.  I am almost okay with that.

But look at her husband.  Leaving aside, for the moment, that he’s the President of the United States:  check out how he looks at her.

I am married.  My husband is pretty darned wonderful.

But I want someone to look at me like this:  as if I am the most interesting person in the world.  That’s a big room.  Of course it’s full of people.  But his look says, People?  What people? Right now, the man doesn’t even remember he has kids.

Just doesn’t care. You and me, baby.  We’re good.

Yes.  I know that Michelle and Barack are the public couple.  I know they have few private moments.  I’m saying that the view we get — of the First Couple, who, yes,  have to represent Mr. and Mrs. America, the very best of what we are as a nation — also speaks to many women of what we want from a man.

We want someone who looks at us in just this way.  We want love darts shooting out the eye sockets.  And that’s pretty much all we want.

It’s so simple, isn’t it?  Boys?  You read blogs, right?

Sigh.  They don’t.

But British would-be Prime Ministers might!  Gordon, Nick, David, how about actually looking at your wife when you speak to her?  Kissing her … in public?  Going on dates with her?  Trying the slow-dance thing (again, in public) (while being sung to by Beyonce) (and looking at your wife, not Beyonce, the whole time)?

This stuff isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays, you guys.  It does far more than that.

We love this man.  Not that he cares.

He only has eyes for her.


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